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Faqs 1

A list of all the different subjects covered in this video if you click on the "SHOW MORE" tab below the YouTube video, it will show you what time each segment starts.  It's a useful video that answers questions some people may have.

Here's a list of the subjects covered with their corresponding time stamps.
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0:10 Sending Your URL Link
0:54 Understanding the Graphs
1:45 How Transactions Work
2:15 The Referral Programme
3:30 My Accounts
4:00 Transferring E-Dinars to other Users
5:22 Changing Your personal Details and Other Settings
6:34 Switching IP Addresses on/off
7:00 Blockchain Stats
7:25 Introducing Retailers
8:58 Live Support


Monday, 27 June 2016

3. Extra Earnings from Referrals

Extra Earnings from Referrals the Structure 
E-Dinar Compensation Plan Creating a Structure  (9:39)
Understanding the Referral Structure or Compensation Plan and how to generate Extra Earnings on top of your owe 20% a month Compounding Profits; this is earned from your down-line also called your Referrals but there a Structure there also a Referral Qualification Criteria needs to be meet. I'm only going to mention the 1st 3 levels also the 1st 2 levels are very realistic and easy to build.

You first need to know what the Referral Qualification Criteria is that unlocks lower levels, which some haven't payed much attention towards, or maybe haven't understood fully. So I hope this explains things a bit clearer.

**This is Your Account  
Level 1(25%) 1 E-Dinar in your account ($1)
To earn from level 1 you need only a of minimum of ($1)

(These are the front line or those directly under you, your referrals, the ones you have signed up, they also called your 1st level/down-line, so you could come with say with only $10 but your 1st level/down-line may put in say example $100 or $1000. You make 25% from your 1st level/down-lines profit. 

An example; your referral invests $1000 the profit is $200 (which increases following month) from which you make 25% from that profit so that's 25% of $200 = $50. If we use $100 as an example now. So your referral invests $100 so that $20 profit, from that $20  profit you make 25% which is $5 again every month this increases more and more.

Level 2 (20%) 100 E-Dinar in your account ($100)
Now if your 1st level/down-line or direct referral, goes and signs someone else up, that means you now have a 2nd down-line or level 2. But you can only benefit from the 2nd level/down-line  if you have need minimum ($100) in your own account.

So 1st two levels are very simple; You need come in with at least $100 in your own account to benefit from Level 1 and  Level 2, which isn't difficult.

Level 3 (15%) 5 Front line members E-Dinar with ($100)
To earn from level 3 you need 5 of your 1st lines on ($100)

This is why we are ask all Referrals to coming in least at $100 (which unlocks levels 1 and 2 by default) and to ask their Referrals to also come in on $100, and the minimum you need is just 5 Referrals directly under yourself, meaning the people you have personally signed up.

1st you need $100 in your account.

2nd you need to have at least 5 direct Referrals or 1st lines each with $100.  
3rd you need each of your direct Referrals with their Referrals so 5 x 5 = 25 total.
4th what unlocks level 3 is then having those 25 with their 5 each so total of 125 people.

Now this is were people are not paying attention and are losing on potential extra bonuses for no reason. See examples Charts below.  

Thus build 1st on a 5 x 5 matrix; which means level 1 have 5 with $100 (its good to have a one or two extra as back) then help your direct Referrals or level 1 to also get their 5 each. So  if more want to sign up under you it would be more sense to sign them up under your direct Referrals or level 1, which would make them your level 2.

The difference between level 1 (25%) and level 2 (20%) is 5% which isn't much, so Level 1 you have 5 and in level 2 each of them have 5 total  25. This sets you up to the then build or work on level 3. Which is having each of level 2 that is 25 to sign up 5 each the total is thus 5 x 5 x 5 = 125 and this is how you work to build a structure.

A simple way to build a 
5 x 5 matrix is to sign up 5 family members in level 1 and  if you have more then 5 family members, like wife, kids or brothers.. extended family. Then next place each of the remaining in by creating a level 2 under them. So some kind of structure is created. The mistake is signing up; example 10 people family or friends directly under yourself which doesn't make any structure and is a common mistake.

The way around this would be then to create two accounts one on top  and the below. some Caution only 2 sign ups per one IP address. So you may need to use mobiles rather then your home network if there is more then 2 people in the house using the same Internet to sign up, as mobiles have unique IP addresses.  

There are two methods of Profits;
1st is going sole and the 2nd is inviting others to join for Extra bonuses 

Chart below is based on 2nd method of inviting referrals; It shows if you invite others based on that the Qualification Criteria is meet. So that means not to just add all your Referrals under yourself, but to create a structure and  best practice is to  help others, under you too. 
Chart below is based on 1st method;
which is sole and making your 20% per month compounding 

Method 1; Solo based on $100 only which is peanuts for a Business model to earn money if you investment more you will then make monthly simple.

Method 2: You in at $100  & 5 Referrals also in at $100 
Again its peanuts for a Business model to earn money.

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Difference Between EDR and EDRCoin

Difference Between EDR and EDRCoin
E-Dinar (EDR) and EDRCoin (EDRC) Explained: (14.15)

Monday, 20 June 2016

1st Decentralized Crypto Currency EDRC to Change World

External article below

First Decentralized Eco-Friendly Crypto Currency EDRC

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How to Register with E-Dinar (3:31)

EDRCoin gain popularity and capitalization rise

  Affiliate cryptocurrency of E-Dinar, EDRCoin,
gain popularity and capitalization rise on Coinmarketcap
News  - 2 june 2016
EDRCoin growing rapidly as cryptocurrency, receiving support of traders from around the world. Capitalization of EDRCoin, and its position have rose in one of the most famous in the world rankings cryptocurrency - .

Today, 02.06.2015, EDRCoin rose to 33 place on the capitalization of all the world cryptocurrency (cryptocurrency total number exceeds 700). EDRCoin total capitalization is now at the level of $ 5,944,754 (the formula for calculating the capitalization - the number of issued coins (3,354,017 EDRC), multiplied by the price of one coin on the stock exchange - $ 1.70 at the moment).

Currently trades involving EDRCoin held on 5 exchanges: C-Cex, Yobit, Exrates, cryptopia, alcurEX. The greatest volume of trades per day - on C-Cex, a currency pair - EDRC / BTC, amounted to $ 183.966. Following - Yobit, a similar pair EDRC / BTC, trading volume per day was $ 121.401, closes the top three with Exrates EDRC / BTC and the volume of trades per day in the amount of $ 86.966.

Whose is behind EDRcoin and Official Website

If you want to know is whose behind EDRcoin

To join E-dinar click my Referral link below

How to Register with E-Dinar (3:31)

Summary of how to Acquire EDinars

Summary of how to Acquire EDinars

1) Buy from other team members (upline, downline, restrictions but best to buy from upline) (cash, bank transfer or payment processors eg Paypal, Payza etc amongst many)

2) P2P Exchange; buy via Paypal, Payza, etc

3) Buy from the Vault Account Manager  for whom the company has opened up a Vault Account. Method of payment to be arranged by mutual consent with him.

Summary of how to withdraw money from Edinar

1) Sell to new team members (cash, bank transfer or payment processors eg Paypal, Payza etc amongst many)

2) P2P Exchange (so far using this i have sold to Ecuador, Colombia, Spain & Russia!!)

3) Convert to EDRC. Transfer to a Cryptocurrency Exchange eg Exchange for Bitcoin. Transfer Bitcoin to

Use Xapo Debit Card for ATM Withdrawals or Purchases Online or at Retail Outlets.